PRO-YOUTH Kick-Off Meeting in Sofia: New opportunities for unemployed youth in the cultural heritage

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

The Kick-Off Meeting of Pro-Youth took place on 15th October in Sofia, hosted by one of the project partners, the Bulgarian Industrial Association. “PRO-YOUTH: strategic cooperation for more efficient international work-based learning schemes in the field of heritage tourism” aims to develop training programmes and sustainable employment opportunities for young people in the tourism sector.

The European Foundation for Education (Germany) is the lead partner of the project and will work in close cooperation with project partners from four different countries: Asociata pentru Educatie si Dezvoltare Durabila (Romania), the Bulgarian Industrial Association (Bulgaria), Foundation Work Knowledge at Work (Croatia) and PROMIMPRESA (Italy).

During the first project meeting in Sofia, partners laid the foundation for the work ahead. They agreed on the work plan and the communication strategy of the project and discussed questions and challenges. The next step, that is scheduled to start in December, will be the preparation of the “Intellectual Output 1: Methodological framework for WBL-schemes in the field of hospitality and heritage tourism”. This means that project partners will produce region-specific analyses to develop a methodological framework. The analysis is key to understand region-specific issues in the cultural heritage sector more deeply, examining current challenges, needs and existing policy responses. It will also serve as a guide for the development of pilot activities.


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